Your Union Labor Reps At Work March 2018 Edition

In spite of the recent uptick in activity at EAA HQ, your designated labor reps continued to make their rounds. Every month, a labor rep report is published to EAAUnion.Org’s archives, which can be viewed HERE

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The Engineers & Architects Association’s team of labor representatives serve and protect the interests of nearly 5,000 City of Los Angeles employees. Below are highlights cherry-picked from the March 2018 Reports.

Grievance Issues

Emergency Management Department logoDepartment: Emergency Management Department (EMD)

Case: In December 2017, a series of fires necessitated the activation of the City’s Emergency Operations Center, which includes Emergency Management Coordinators (EMCs). Several EMCs were assigned to the “B” shift, whose hours are from 6PM to 6AM. Those hours are within the parameters of time that qualifies for the shift differential bonus as written in MOU 20 Article 6.3.

The City refused to pay the differential stating that the EMCs did not qualify because the hours in question were not part of the EMCs regular shift. EAA’s position was the EMCs did qualify for the shift differential based on the specific language of the Article and the Los Angeles Administrative Code sections cited in the article. EAA filed a group grievance on behalf of the EMCs.

Outcome: Motion Granted ✓

Subsequent negotiations between EAA and the City resulted in the grievance being granted and the EMCs receiving the shift differential bonus for the EOC activation caused by the fires. 

Labor Representative on the Case: Paul Marks

Meet and Confer Issues

ewdd_300Department: Economic & Workforce Development Department (EWDD)

Issue: After months of negotiations between EAA and the EWDD regarding a “meet and confer” issue, the parties have reached a mutually agreeable resolution. 

The meet and confer dealt with the issue of parking placards. On September 8, 2016 EWDD employees were required to turn in their placards to the Personnel Director of EWDD. The directive resulted in anger and consternation by the affected employees.

It has since been learned that for years prior to that action, EWDD was violating City mileage policy. No City employee can receive a mileage placard unless they routinely use their vehicle for City field work and unless they seek regular reimbursement from the City. Moreover, a City placard vehicle must be parked at least two blocks from the employee’s work site. It was found that these regulations were routinely violated. 

Outcome: Understanding Reached + 

As a result of the meet and confer process, EAA has gained new understanding regarding EWDD’s position, and the parties have learned to communicate with one another in a more constructive and productive manner. Better communication and less rancor with EWDD is a definite win for EAA.

Labor Representative on the Case: Darryl Cherness

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