Your Union Labor Reps At Work February 2018 Edition

EAA_Logo_shield_2cThe pile of case files depicted in the image featured above this article may not necessarily be what many consider to be intriguing, but such is the day-to-day of a union labor rep. It is a Sisyphusean task but if not for the tireless work of the Engineers & Architects Association’s labor representatives, hard-working members of your union would miss out on much deserved overtime pay; be bullied into working out of classification by exploitative practices; and or find themselves serving out costly suspensions that were levied unjustly. 

Below is a cherry picked list of case wins from the February 2018 report. You can read the February 2018 Labor Reps Report in its entirety HERE, which also happens to contain each and every Labor Rep Report to January 2016. 

Grievance Issues

YOUR_GSD_ICONDepartment: General Services Department

Case: A member, Chief Clerk, for the General Services Department filed a grievance claiming that she was working out of class and actually performing the functions of a Management Analyst II including:

  • performance metrics
  • creating charts and graphs for General Manager presentations
  • budget requests
  • project management related to access management
  • system analysis and reporting
  • service call analysis and reporting
  • attended meetings with vendor and management to discuss projects
  • services including site walks, vendor contract review, etc.

Outcome: For one year, the grievant’s case was stalled at the third level. Through aggressive and persistent advocacy, and by making the decision to establish deadlines for management to respond to the member’s case and by threatening to file for arbitration, EAA was successful in negotiating a Settlement Agreement for the grievant in which she received Acting Assignment Pay.

Department: Public Works – Sanitation

Case: Several employees were waiting on the results of a background investigation they took 1-2 years prior. Their future assignments in the division and a bonus were both dependent on the results. They were not receiving any answers as to what their results were but knew some people were already collecting the bonus so they assumed the investigations were complete. After inquiring several times and getting no answers, they contacted the Union. EAA contacted HR and Personnel Department Backgrounds.

Outcome: As a result, the Departments met and put a notification procedure in place. The employees were sent letter with the results of the investigation.

Case Update

Recs & Parks logoDepartment: Recreations and Parks (RAP)

Latest: As reported over the past several months EAA has prevailed in several arbitrations and UERP charges at RAP. The latest decision in favor of EAA members was the result of numerous retaliatory actions taken against EAA members for exercising their rights under the terms and conditions of their MOU by the Aquatics Director.

Morale at RAP Aquatics was so low that approximately 78% of the Aquatics Facility Managers signed a petition of a vote of no confidence of the Aquatics Director.

EAA learned this month that RAPs General Manager has transferred the Aquatics Director from Aquatics to another assignment within the department. Sadly, what had taken place at RAP Aquatics could have been prevented if RAP HR would have provided proper guidance and direction rather than supporting bad management decisions.

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