Which Step Will I Be After The Conversion?

Conversion Table and Salary Step Scale

Since the details of the Tentative Agreement has been released and ratified, a multitude of follow-up questions came pouring through the website. So much so, we established an ongoing log of answers to frequently asked questions, which can be found here: 2019 Tentative Agreement Review FAQ. Undoubtedly, the most asked question pertained to the effect of conversions on salary steps as seen below.

How will the step conversion affect the higher steps, 9-15? How are the new steps going to be re-adjusted considering we are losing three steps.

What step of Sr. PA will the Sr. MA’s be placed on? If I am currently on Step 8, will I be placed on Step 7 or Step 8 of the Sr. PA salary range?

For the conversion of the steps from 15 to 12, is someone is currently on step 12, does it mean they can be re-stepped to step 10 or 11?

I am currently at Step 1 and will reach Step 2 on the 25th of June. Due to the new Step structure, will I be at Step 3 now?

Check the table below to determine which salary step you will fall into once the conversions go into effect. Is the text too small too read? Click HERE to download the Conversion Table and Salary Step Scale in pdf format.