What EAA Is Doing For Me, Jacob Brothers

My name is Jacob Brothers.

I reached out to EAA after I was passed over for rotations and promotions out of retaliation for having had to file a lawsuit (and winning) for sexual harassment. After several rounds of meetings with Management to resolve the issue and no solutions offered by Management, EAA took my case to the Employee Relations Board (ERB).

While my case is on-going, I can say that EAA has been instrumental in getting my case to where it is today. We are all still hoping for an outcome that is beneficial for all parties involved. I must thank EAA for all they have done for me and for all Members to make the City a better place to work.

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who has been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Jacob Brothers, Transportation Associate II (LADOT), is Darryl Cherness.

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