What EAA Did For Us: A Night Watch Tale

My name is Connie Roberson.

 In January of 2018, a group of supervisors assigned to PM watch in LAPD’s Metropolitan Communications Division arrived at work to find an email from a sworn Watch Commander. The email stated that the supervisors on PM watch would now have to submit to specific rules that applied only to them and did not apply to other supervisors on other watches or at either the Metropolitan or Valley Communications centers. Even though the Watch Commander stated that the new rules would be applied on a case-by-case basis, it did not address the issue that the PM watch supervisors in the Metro center were being unfairly targeted and that it violated past and current practices among all other supervisors in the division. After fruitless attempts to resolve the issue through emails to the watch commander and speaking with the Assistant Commanding officer I contacted EAA for assistance.

Our EAA representative emailed the Commanding officer who failed to see that the PM watch supervisors were being treated differently from all the other supervisors. In February, a group of us filed a formal grievance. EAA represented us throughout the whole process. Our EAA representative and I met with representatives of the Employee Relations Group (ERG) out of the Office of the Chief of Police in March. The representatives of ERG stated that they would investigate the issue and provide us with a response.

On April 9, 2018, we received the response to our grievance, which was that the grievance was granted. The response stated that the other supervisors with the same responsibilities on other watches and both locations were not subject to the new rules. As a result, ERG granted our request to rescind the new work rules for PM watch supervisors. For our success in this endeavor, we thank EAA!

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who assisted City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Sr. PSR Connie Roberson (LAPD) was Paul Marks.

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