What EAA Did For Me by Suren Sahakyan

The Engineers and Architects Association (EAA) provided me with tremendous amount of support – personal, legal, financial – as I was going through disciplinary matters.

I was lucky to meet a great person and an experienced Labor Representative at the EAA. Over the course of 18 months, he met with me on numerous occasions, answered all my phone inquiries, represented me at Skelly proceedings, and provided personal and professional support.

Due to complexities of the legal issues, the Engineers and Architects Association hired a highly-experienced Labor Attorney to represent me during legal proceedings before the City of Los Angeles Civil Service Commission.

I cannot thank enough for all the support – personal, legal, financial – that I received from the Engineers and Architects Association and personally from the Labor Representative. 

I strongly encourage and request to support our Labor Unions, because it is crucial for all employees to have a strong and supportive Labor Union. These are qualities fully applicable to the Engineers and Architects Association.

Thank you, EAA!

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who had been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Suren Sahakyan was Labor Representative Darryl Cherness.

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