We Did It, EAA! Annie Chao Won!

WE WON!!!  Thank you, everyone, for your VOTE, support and help throughout the campaign.  This win is YOURS!!!  LACERS members deserve someone who will represent them with integrity, responsibility and with only their interest in mind. 

I’m very proud that we ran a clean and ethical campaign focused on the issues.  While we were the underdogs with limited financial resources (no fancy mailers, no phone banks, no free lunches to buy people’s votes, etc…), it was our message and grassroots support that resonated with the majority of the voting members.  

This win signals that the majority of members care about the long-term health and security of our retirement plan.  It also signals that the majority of members want the City to better fund our retirement plan so that the promise of a pension is not just an empty promise, but a guarantee.  And, finally, that the members care whether the person they vote for cares about them and LACERS enough to show up.

This is just the beginning!  I’m excited to serve you on the LACERS Board again.  As I represent you the next 5 years, I hope to communicate our message to the rest of the LACERS Board, show the Board that members expect them accountable to their fiduciary duties and continue to be a resource to you.

Thank you again for your support and your vote!

~ Annie