UPDATE [10.23.19]: MOU Implementation Dates

[October 23, 2019] We now have a formal confirmation of the following:

  • The 2.9% COLA will be added to the PP 9 paychecks on November 6th.
  • The 15-step to 12-step conversion will also be implemented and reflected on the November 6th paychecks.
  • The one-time non-pensionable cash payout is still scheduled for December 11th.

[October 11, 2019] We have been receiving many questions about the implementation dates for the salary increases/cash payout we earned in our new MOU’s. Note that neither EAA nor the CAO (nor any City union) controls the speed of payroll processing. Only the Controller’s Office is in charge of that. That said, here is the most recent information regarding implementation dates:

  • 2.9% Salary Increase – Scheduled for the 10/23/19 paychecks; failing that, 11/06/19.
  • Retro Checks for the 2.9% Increase (effective 10/28/18) – Once the 2.9% is added into paychecks, the retro amounts will be calculated and retro checks issued (possibly in December, but likely in January).
  • Cash Payouts – Scheduled as a separate check for 12/11/19 (non-payday).
  • Special Adjustments – For those special adjustments/pay-grade advancements with effective date 07/07/19, TBD. Expected by 12/18/19.

If we receive more precise implementation information from the CAO following this date, we will post that information here on the EAA website as well as on EAA’s network of social media channels. We have another salary increase (2.75%) coming in January 2020!

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