The 2018 EAA Election Results Are In

EAA_Logo_shield_2cThis year’s EAA Elections concluded as of 8:00a this morning (November 26th). The 3rd party organization tasked with overseeing the election process, the American Arbitration Association (AAA), has tabulated the ballots and certified the results. The ballots have been counted; the votes have been recorded; and the protest period has passed so the below results are official. 

Candidates had TEN (10) calendar days from today (November 17th) to file a protest. The Board of Governors have certified the election results. On January 2, 2019, the winners will be sworn into their elected office at the Board of Governors Meeting. 

With that said, here are the unofficial election results with the winners highlighted in BOLD:

NOTE: No one candidate received a sufficient number of write-in votes to be considered for any position.

  • Jack Kayajian
  • John Dierking (Incumbent)
  • Mark Santistevan (Incumbent)
  • Joan Washington
  • No Candidates/Insufficient Write-in votes
  • No Candidates/Insufficient Write-in votes
  • Ariana Briski

NOTE: As per EAA Constitution, Bylaws and Policies EAA Board of Governors will be filling all Unit Council vacancies by appointment based upon Unit Council recommendations at their January 2019 Board of Governors Meeting.

Team EAA would also like to take this time to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals:

  • Robi Rivera (AAA) for ensuring the election process was run fair and impartial from the mailing to the counting of ballots.
  • Yul Johnson (EAA Election Committee Chair) for project managing the election proceedings in its entirety.
  • Brenna Green (EAA Administrative Assistant) for expediting replacement ballot requests.

If not for their commitments, the democratic process upon which the Engineers & Architects Association relies upon to function properly would not be possible. To those of you who practiced their right as a voluntary dues paying member, thank you for filling out and returning your ballots.