Tentative Agreement Update: MOU Implementation

Unfortunately, due to the requirements and processes necessary to implement your MOUs it will take longer than originally anticipated.  The Controller’s staff, including EAA members, is working very hard on programming the payroll system for all citywide MOUs.
The following is an updated estimate ONLY.  The Controller’s office is working tirelessly with all city departments for implementation of your pay increases and retro pay as soon as possible.
It is estimated it will take from 4-6 weeks for your 2.9% increase to take affect and it is anticipated that your retroactive pay will be received on a separate check sometime in December.
It is our understanding that your cash payout is still on track for payment on December 13th.   
Please do not contact the Controller’s Office.  We will continue to update you whenever we receive any additional information. 
In Solidarity,
Bill Violante
Executive Director