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2019 MOU Proposals Submission Timeline

Prior to the start of negotiations a proposed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) will be developed in-house for each membership unit (MOU 1, MOU 19, MOU 20 and MOU 21). Following are the procedures and the timeline for submitting proposals. Procedures and Timelines 1. Membership Survey/Solicitation of Proposals Membership submits proposals from July 1, 2018 to September 01,…

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The 2016 EAA Election Results Are In

The mailed ballots from this year’s EAA Election were counted early Thursday morning on the eve of Thanksgiving. Before the big reveal, we would like to extend our gratitude to Robi Rivera and the AAA organization for overseeing that the election process was run fair and impartial. Robyn Myers and the EAA  Election Committee are…

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The Results of the Successor Tentative Agreement Are In

After three weeks of touring the city, having met face-to-face with EAA members from various MOU’s and having corresponded with scores of others via email, the time to make a decision had finally come. This morning, AAA conducted a tally of ballots that would determine the fate of the successor MOU Tentative Agreement. The results are as follows:…

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Successor MOU Tentative Agreement

Sisters and Brothers, After much negotiation and a hard push by EAA, the City agreed last year to work on a successor MOU that would be more generous than the contract negotiated by the Coalition, and one that truly acknowledges the sacrifices that EAA members have made for years. We believe this contract does that.…

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