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Message from the Executive Director

Executive Director’s Message: June 2019

Negotiations have been completed and a tentative agreement (TA) has reached with the CAO. I am pleased to report that every issue of importance and applicable to all MOUs were successfully negotiated and that we have an agreement or a LOI for 86% of issues specific to job classifications in a particular MOU. You asked…

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Upcoming Scheduled MOU Membership Meetings

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS MESSAGE – JUNE 2019 Negotiations are moving forward at a rapid pace and coming to a conclusion. We anticipate reaching a tentative agreement by the week of June 10th. Therefore, at the direction of your Board of Governors EAA Negotiating Team is working towards hosting ratification meetings at EAA offices located at 2911…

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2019 MOU Contract Negotiations Update

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS MESSAGE – MAY 2019 Your negotiating team has received information from members regarding the tentative agreements (TA) reached by other LA City Unions. EAA is aware of those TAs and has been keeping up with the progress of those negotiations over the past several months. With that said, we thank those members for…

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In Memory of Gregory J. West

IN MEMORY OF GREGORY J. WEST EAA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (2012 – 2016) A visionary and champion for organized labor, Gregory J. West joined Engineers and Architects Association (EAA) in 2012 after his successful tenures as a Compliance Officer for IBEW Local 11, Delinquency, Collections Supervisor for California Field Ironworkers Trust Fund, and Law Clerk at…

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Executive Directors Message: April 2019

Survey Monkey results are in and have been analyzed. Some of those issues most important to the membership include (not in ranked order): Salary/COLA Health contributions (10% of premium payment) Overtime Payment limitations Grievance issues Time off – vacation Work hours Workload Pensions Job security – Contracting Out Work Unit Councils for all EAA MOUs…

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Executive Director’s Message: March 2019

Oftentimes your Union represents its members for their conduct that arises as a result of an incident that takes place while they are off-duty. Those members find themselves facing potential discipline up to the termination as a result of that conduct. When this happens, the question is always asked, “Why am I being disciplined for…

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A Message from the Executive Director: November 2018

With its financial contributions and grassroots organizing, the labor movement helped give Democrats full control of the federal government three times in the last four decades. And all three of those times — under Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama — Democrats failed to pass labor law reforms that would to bolster the union…

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We were alerted today that employees of an organization targeting public sector workers and your pensions were handing out fliers outside Court and County buildings attempting to discourage union membership. The organization is called the Freedom Foundation, and they have been trying to obtain personal information about public workers in order to target you at…

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A Message from the Executive Director: July 2018

Dear EAA Member: The highly anticipated US Supreme Court decision Janus v AFSCME was issued yesterday. As we predicted, the conservative majority ruled 5-4 against public sector unions collecting an “agency fee”, monies from non-members to cover the costs of researching and negotiating a MOU on behalf of thousands of workers, otherwise known as a…

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Executive Director’s Message: June 2018

This month’s message is the second in a series of messages that discuss the history of the Labor movement. In last months message I asked the question, “have you ever asked yourself, why unionize?” and provided you with the simple basic answer, “workers were faced with many difficulties in the work place such as unsanitary…

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