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15 Minutes, 15 Days – How EAA Saved The Day By Daniel Sotelo

Our Department (General Services) was attempting to suspend us for fifteen days for sitting in a parked city vehicle for fifteen minutes while on duty. My partner (Zaw Tun) had a promotional interview and our supervisor gave us specific instructions that we are, both, to attend the interview as we had to travel in pairs. While my…

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Even Union Stewards Need An Assist Every Now And Then

My name is Nash Eskander. I will never forget the help and support of my great EAA Union when they stood beside me when I unjustly received a 5-day suspension.  They assisted me in the preparation of my grievance and relentlessly represented me throughout the grievance process.  Management refused to withdraw the 5-day suspension despite…

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What EAA Is Doing For Me, Jacob Brothers

My name is Jacob Brothers. I reached out to EAA after I was passed over for rotations and promotions out of retaliation for having had to file a lawsuit (and winning) for sexual harassment. After several rounds of meetings with Management to resolve the issue and no solutions offered by Management, EAA took my case…

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What EAA Did For Kimberly Hee

My name is Kimberly Hee,   For the past 11 years I have been serving as an Administrative Coordinator I in the Office of the City Attorney’s Harbor Division. Last spring, I was informed that due to a support staff shortage I was being transferred from my current Administrative Coordinator position at the Harbor Department to…

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What EAA Did For Me: Ivan Rodriguez

My name is Ivan Rodriguez, I am blessed and honored to work for Los Angeles City Department of Rec. & Parks Citywide Aquatics as an Aquatic Facility Manager (MOU 20). In the summer of 2016, I decided to go back to school to complete a Bachelor of Science degree I had to put on hold…

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Members Stories: Patricia Barker

Hello, my name is Patricia Barker, a Sr Transportation Investigator for the Department of Transportation.  I was accused of making an “inappropriate remark” by a co-worker, who overheard my conversation with another employee. The co-worker convinced the person whom I addressed to go to the supervisor, who then issued a complaint against me. After a…

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