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My EAA Labor Rep Makes Our Union A “Proud Union” For All Of Us

My name is Bhikhu V. Raval, Management Analyst, Communications Division, LAPD. I sincerely thank EAA Union for representing me in a Skelly Response for a complaint against me. I was impressed by the way my case was handled. All the information needed to represent me was obtained thoroughly. My side of what happened was carefully…

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EAA Member Lewie Miller Needs All of Our Support

On the early evening of May 17th, EAA member Lewie Miller (LA City Bureau of Engineering, Survey Division) was was struck head-on by a vehicle that had drifted in his lane. As a result, Lewie suffered two broken femurs, ten fractures in his legs and feet, a broken right heel bone and ankle, two broken…

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What EAA Did For Me by Suren Sahakyan

The Engineers and Architects Association (EAA) provided me with tremendous amount of support – personal, legal, financial – as I was going through disciplinary matters. I was lucky to meet a great person and an experienced Labor Representative at the EAA. Over the course of 18 months, he met with me on numerous occasions, answered…

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EAA Was There For Vivian When She Needed Them Most

After almost 24 years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department, I found myself calling EAA for representation. I received a Notice to Correct Deficiencies for the first time in my career.  Without any progressive discipline and corrective measures, my commanding officer at the time served the NTC along with the direction that I…

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What My Union Did For Me by Rosie Lee Hooks

Greetings Unions Sisters & Brothers, My department, it seems, has been on a campaign charging me with the smallest disciplinary matters in order to create a progressive discipline process leading up to termination. (READ: “How One Woman’s Punishment for Putting Up a Mural Has Exposed a Deep, Bitter Divide in the Los Angeles Art Community”…

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Union

After 19 years of dedicated service as a Management Analyst, and three consecutive Annual Evaluations with an overall rating of “Outstanding”, I was given a Notice to Correct Deficiencies (NTCD), without any progressive discipline, by a newly-appointed Deputy Chief of the Port Police at the Harbor Department. He wrote me up for insubordination for copying one…

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15 Minutes, 15 Days – How EAA Saved The Day By Daniel Sotelo

Our Department (General Services) was attempting to suspend us for fifteen days for sitting in a parked city vehicle for fifteen minutes while on duty. My partner (Zaw Tun) had a promotional interview and our supervisor gave us specific instructions that we are, both, to attend the interview as we had to travel in pairs. While my…

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Even Union Stewards Need An Assist Every Now And Then

My name is Nash Eskander. I will never forget the help and support of my great EAA Union when they stood beside me when I unjustly received a 5-day suspension.  They assisted me in the preparation of my grievance and relentlessly represented me throughout the grievance process.  Management refused to withdraw the 5-day suspension despite…

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What EAA Is Doing For Me, Jacob Brothers

My name is Jacob Brothers. I reached out to EAA after I was passed over for rotations and promotions out of retaliation for having had to file a lawsuit (and winning) for sexual harassment. After several rounds of meetings with Management to resolve the issue and no solutions offered by Management, EAA took my case…

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What EAA Did For Kimberly Hee

My name is Kimberly Hee,   For the past 11 years I have been serving as an Administrative Coordinator I in the Office of the City Attorney’s Harbor Division. Last spring, I was informed that due to a support staff shortage I was being transferred from my current Administrative Coordinator position at the Harbor Department to…

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