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Take The MOU Contract Survey

In anticipation of the upcoming MOU Contract Negotiations in 2019, EAA members are encouraged to participate in a brief online survey. The purpose of this online survey is to help Team EAA better gauge where the priorities of its membership lie. Take this opportunity to weigh in as to how Team EAA approaches its negotiations…

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EAA Poll #3: Trump Tax Plan

It’s been a while since we last asked you to take a poll and there isn’t a more provocative subject than taxes. Since it just so happened the Trump Administration unveiled its proposed plan for tax reform, the question begs to be asked. Even the least politically “woke” should feel some sort of way when…

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EAA Poll #2: The 2017 Los Angeles Primary Election

8 years ago, a record low 18% voter turnout was reported for the 2009 LA Primary back when former-mayor Antonio Villaraigosa won as incumbent. Then in 2013, just 21% of registered voters cast ballots in the primary for mayor. Will the recent surge in political awareness spur the masses to vote in their local elections?…

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EAA Poll #1: How Do You News?

So “Fake News” is a real thing, but this burning question begs to be answered: Where do people get their news from? As information technology¬†continues to evolve beyond most imaginations, a bit of a crisis has emerged. What was once an open well of access has become an echo chamber of infotainment and hearsay. Never…

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Attention MOU 28 Members: “M” Badge Survey

Hello MOU 28 Members, EAA is currently in discussions with LAPD command staff regarding the Municipal Police Officer badge change. There is a strong possibility that the department may at best propose an LAPD badge with the letter “M” preceding the badge number; however, this is not yet confirmed.¬† In the interest of expediency, should…

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