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New EAA HQ Updates

Update #2: February 28, 2018  Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day so a delay here and there should come as no surprise to any one who knows anything about construction. Now that escrow has been met, the next step is repurposing and renovating what once was a place of worship. To cut down on costs,…

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Labor Representative Darryl Cherness

Darryl Cherness resides in Culver City with his wife, Amy, and their thirteen year old daughter, Isabell. A life-long resident, he has had roots in Culver City since 1953 and is a product of the Culver City Unified School District. Darryl graduated from Culver City High School; attended West Los Angeles College; earned his Bachelors…

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Bill Violante Named As EAA’s Interim Executive Director

CITY UNION APPOINTS FORMER DEPUTY MAYOR, POLICE UNION HEAD, TO INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  Engineers And Architects Association Elevates its Senior Labor Representative Bill Violante LOS ANGELES (January 20) — As the city’s oldest employee union casts a wide net in search of a new Executive Director, they reached into their staff ranks to appoint their senior…

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Debrief: Board of Governors December Meeting

On the first Wednesday of every month, the EAA Board of Governors convene to discuss the pressing issues concerning the union. EAA Boardroom, December 7, 2016 | There has been much to digest since last month’s Board of Governors Meeting. For starters, Executive Director Gregory J. West submitted his letter of resignation to the Board effective November 30th at…

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Anthony Cox’s “Labor Los Angeles” Mural Dedication

On Wednesday, May the 4th of 2016, the Engineers & Architects Association unveiled the tentatively titled “Labor Los Angeles” at their headquarters in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’s Financial District.  “We wanted to honor the new workers of the Information Age, so where Rivera (Diego Rivera) used the gears and machinery of manufacturing to…

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EAA Labor Representative Richard Sanchez
Labor Representative Richard Sanchez

Richard Sanchez retired as an Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building II after 38 years of service with the Department of Building and Safety in the City of Los Angeles. Having begun his career in the Inspector Series, he ultimately served in his Management-level position until retirement in 2007. After serving 20 years in the United…

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Sr. Labor Representative/Stewards Coordinator Marleen Fonseca

Ms. Marleen Fonseca attended the University of California, Riverside where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science. Ms. Fonseca then began working for the City of Los Angeles in 2001 when she was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department Personnel Division as a Management Assistant. In 2005, she was promoted to Management…

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