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EAA Elections


EAA’s Board of Governors has endorsed Annie Chao for reelection to the LACERS Board.  Annie, an experienced Investment Officer, continually demonstrates through her actions and decisions that she is working for all LACERS members ensuring a sound a viable pension system.  The Board of Governors’ encourages all EAA members to cast their ballot to reelect…

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The EAA 2017 Official Election Results Are In

This year’s EAA Elections concluded as of 8:00a this morning (November 17th). The 3rd party organization tasked with overseeing the election process, the American Arbitration Association (AAA), has tabulated the ballots and certified the results. It should be noted that although the ballots have been counted and the votes recorded, there is still a protest period…

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Candidates Announced for 2017 EAA Elections

As is customary for this time of the year, the Engineers & Architects Association is conducting its annual elections to fill seats in the Board of Governors and Unit Councils that are vacant or soon to be vacated. With the petition for candidacy window long since closed, the EAA Election Committee recently convened a special session to…

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2017 EAA Elections Announcement

In order to properly conduct business in an organization as large as the Engineers & Architects Association, we need members to serve in all elective offices. This year, there are two(2) Unit Governor positions, on At-Large Governor position, and thirteen(13) Unit Council Member positions open for election. In accordance with the Engineers & Architects Association Constitution…

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Debrief: Board of Governors December Meeting

On the first Wednesday of every month, the EAA Board of Governors convene to discuss the pressing issues concerning the union. EAA Boardroom, December 7, 2016 | There has been much to digest since last month’s Board of Governors Meeting. For starters, Executive Director Gregory J. West submitted his letter of resignation to the Board effective November 30th at…

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The 2016 EAA Election Results Are In

The mailed ballots from this year’s EAA Election were counted early Thursday morning on the eve of Thanksgiving. Before the big reveal, we would like to extend our gratitude to Robi Rivera and the AAA organization for overseeing that the election process was run fair and impartial. Robyn Myers and the EAA  Election Committee are…

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EAA Election: Candidates Announced

The EAA Election Committee met Monday evening, October 17th to determine who among your union would be running for what in the upcoming EAA Election. The following members have been verified as candidates for the November 23 2016 election: Governor-at Large Saturday Aisuan Marc Wagner Board of Governors – MOU 20 Carl Paneno Art Faelnar Board of Governors –…

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2016 EAA Elections

In order to properly conduct business in an organization as large as the Engineers & Architects Association, it is necessary to have members serve in all elective offices. Will You Answer The Call? ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT Petitions for members wishing to be considered as candidates for elective offices will be accepted during the nomination period of 8:30am…

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Terry “Will” Newman for LACERS Board of Administration

Sisters and brothers, please vote for a friend of ours and most certainly a friend of yours. He has been protecting the interests of Engineers & Architects Association members as a Union Steward for fourteen plus years. He also happens to be both a certified Public Accountant and a certified Fraud Examiner as well as an…

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