Recap: Team Wesson’s Movies in the Park Series in CD10

For the past seven straight summers, EAA Outreach has lent its hand in making Team Wesson’s Movies in the Park a resounding hit with the families in Council District 10. 2019 marked the 13th edition of the wildly popular Movies in the Park series. There were four Fridays in the series and Team EAA was on-hand and hands-on at two of the movies seen here on the EAA Calendar.

Brand ambassadors from The Neilsen Company and Cinemark provided the films and the popcorn respectively while members of the Los Angeles Fire Department and Police Department were also present. Representing EAA at these outreach initiatives was Labor Representative Daryl Cherness and his family as well as EAA Staff Member Brenna Green who all helped to hand out candy.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is apt. Every year, Wesson’s “Movies in the Park” series always draws a huge crowd with the promise of free movies, free food, and raffle prizes and it never disappoints. About the only noticeable change was in logistics, which may not concern most, but the changes made managing the lines of people so much more fluid. And there was a lot of people, numbering somewhere in the hundreds and a diverse group to boot. You really get a sense of the melting pot that is Los Angeles when you attend these outreaches. You can get an even better sense by browsing through the event footage below.  

Benny Potter Park: August 9, 2019

Westside Neighborhood Park: August 23, 2019