Debrief: 50th EAA Outreach at Proyecto Pastoral

Proyecto PastoralLast Monday marked the 50th consecutive first Monday of the month that the Engineers & Architects Association has participated in Proyecto Pastoral at the C. Dolores Mission. This has been one of EAA’s longest standing outreach initiatives dating back to January of 2014.

It’s simple really. Every first Monday of the month, EAA bands together a few volunteers to prepare dinner for the residents of the C. Dolores Mission in nearby Boyle Heights (City District 14). At the most recent outreach, Team EAA prepared chicken tostadas served with refried beans and rice along with chips & salsa and dessert. That dinner didn’t serve itself so with that said…

There are a few people we would like you to acknowledge for their commitments to their union and the community. First bit of thanks goes out to EAA Members Julia Cesena (PSR), who took on the role of head chef, and Ari Briski, who coordinated the effort. We would also like to recognize Governor At-Large Melissa Popovic, who provided the desserts for this outreach. Then there are the members who delayed their commutes home to pitch in and help with dinner. In no particular order:

  • Governors Yul Johnson, Mark Santistevan, Melissa Popovic, and John Dierking
  • Unit Councilmembers Jill Woo (MOU 20) and Jack Kayajian (MOU 1)
  • Outreach Committee member Frank Giles
  • Union Stewards Ari Briski, Julia Cesena, Ling Kaufman and Stewards Coordinator Marleen Fonseca
  • Labor Representatives Paul Marks and Darryl Cherness.

You may have noticed that there was a check being presented in the photo featured above this article. The Engineers & Architects Association sponsored a team of its members in LAPD Comms to participate in Baker to Vegas, a foot race between law enforcement agencies that starts in Baker, California and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. That sponsorship of $500 and the resources necessary to make Proyecto Pastoral at the C. Dolores Mission would not be possible were it not for your dues contribution.

Did You Know? Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization working in the economically and politically disenfranchised community of Boyle Heights to empower the community personally and socially by developing grassroots projects in education, leadership, and service.

The Engineers & Architects Association is involved with a number of other outreach initiatives throughout each year. You can use the EAA Calendar to stay in the loop. As for Proyecto Pastoral, this a monthly outreach and volunteers are most always welcome. Fill out the form below if you wish to participate in the next outreach.

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