My EAA Labor Rep Makes Our Union A “Proud Union” For All Of Us

My name is Bhikhu V. Raval, Management Analyst, Communications Division, LAPD. I sincerely thank EAA Union for representing me in a Skelly Response for a complaint against me.

I was impressed by the way my case was handled. All the information needed to represent me was obtained thoroughly. My side of what happened was carefully heard and examined. I was accompanied and represented by my EAA Labor Rep Paul Marks at every investigatory interview. I was always comforted throughout the difficult times of the process. My Skelly letter (response) was excellently prepared in a through and professional manner. My EAA Labor Rep stood by me until a final determination was made.

The representation I received from EAA was filled with wisdom, sharp intelligence, great practical experience of grievance related incidences, and above all the readiness of extending a helping hand was fabulous and amazing.

The representation I received from my EAA Labor Rep makes our Union a “proud Union” for all of us. I sincerely thank EAA for all of the dedicated great help I received.

Bhikhu V. Raval
Management Analyst
Los Angeles Police Department

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who had been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Bhikhu V. Raval was Labor Representative Paul Marks.

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