Members Stories: Patricia Barker

Hello, my name is Patricia Barker, a Sr Transportation Investigator for the Department of Transportation. 

I was accused of making an “inappropriate remark” by a co-worker, who overheard my conversation with another employee. The co-worker convinced the person whom I addressed to go to the supervisor, who then issued a complaint against me. After a Skelly hearing, the City suspended me for two weeks. EAA represented me all of the way to arbitration. At the arbitration hearing, EAA had contracted a consultant expert in the matter, and the attorney they retained did a great job dissecting the incident and demonstrated how the City overreacted. The arbitrator ruled in my favor and my two weeks pay was restored and the complaint was removed from my personnel file. EAA was there for me.

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who has been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Patricia Barker, Sr. Transportation Investigator for the Department of Transportation is Labor Representative Geoffrey Garfield.

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