What My Union Did For Me by Rosie Lee Hooks

Greetings Unions Sisters & Brothers,

My department, it seems, has been on a campaign charging me with the smallest disciplinary matters in order to create a progressive discipline process leading up to termination. (READ: “How One Woman’s Punishment for Putting Up a Mural Has Exposed a Deep, Bitter Divide in the Los Angeles Art Community” via artnet®news)

I grieved a 15-day suspension and took it all the way to a Hearing Officer. At the hearing, my supervisor stated I was at a meeting where a specific City policy was presented, and that my presence proved to them that I was aware of the rule. In fact, at the time of the meeting I was on a flight to visit my son in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the appeal to the Civil Service Commission, the EAA attorney argued that if I wasn’t at that meeting, an element the department totally relied upon, then all the charges must be dismissed, particularly because the supervisor lied in his testimony that I was at that meeting.

I was not, and the CSC agreed, dropping all of the charges and returning my three weeks of pay with interest back to me. This victory marks the 5th time EAA has represented me and we won! Thank you EAA!

– Rosie Lee Hooks
Director (Cultural Affairs)
Watts Towers Art Center

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who had been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Rosie Lee Hooks was Labor Representative Paul Marks.

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