Member Stories: Monica Shelton

My name is Monica Shelton.  

At the time of my grievance I was a Chief Clerk with the Department of General Services (GSD). I believed that my Department was asking me to perform duties that were not within my jobs classification. I contacted EAA and asked if anything could be done. My EAA Labor rep advised me to file a grievance for “Acting Assignment Pay” as per Article 4.3, MOU 20. Upon EAA’s advice and assistance I filed a grievance under Article 4.3, “Acting Assignment Pay” on the grounds that I was working in the capacity of a Management Analyst based upon the fact that my duties included, among other things, performance metrics, creating charts and graphs for General Manager presentations, budget request, project management related to access management, system analysis and reporting, service analysis and reporting, attending all related meetings with vendor and management to discuss projects and services, including site walks, vendor contract review, etc. 

EAA processed my grievance and represented me throughout the grievance process. My grievance advanced to the third level of review where it remained unresolved due to managements continual requests for continuances in order to investigate my grievance further. Through constant phone calls, emails, and the threat of arbitration, EAA was successful in finally getting GSD to agree to a “Settlement Agreement” in which I received Acting Assignment Pay for a period of one year. 

I am very grateful to EAA and Labor Reps Geoffrey Garfield and Darryl Cherness for all their hard work on my behalf.

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who has been assisting City of Los Angeles employee and EAA union member Monica Shelton, Chief Clerk for the Department of General Services, is Geoffrey Garfield.

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