Union Stewards

Our Union Stewards are the conduit through which the EAA disseminates information to its members. They are also the EAA’s membership recruiters in the workplace.  

EAA Stewards assist members with workplace problems on a daily basis, acting as the face of EAA to its members and standing firmly on the frontline of EAA’s defense of member rights. Their job sometimes seems thankless, but results in the satisfaction of a “job well-done” when positive results are achieved through their efforts. All members should recognize and appreciate the dedication to the Union that is required of a Steward.

EAA Union Stewards List

* Stewards Coordinator Marleen Fonseca
DepartmentSteward NameMOUContact Information
LAPD - Piper TechJames Abrams21Email
Department of Recreation and ParksBrenda Aguirre20Email
LAPD - CommunicationsVirginia Arujo1Email
Department of Recreation and ParksAndrew Baird20Email
City Attorneys OfficeLisa Barr1Email
Department of City Planning (Citywide Aquatics Division)Ari Briski21Email
Housing (HCIDLA)Victor Cendana1Email
LAPDJulia Cesena20Email
Department of TransportationEdna Chavez21Email
LAPD Serene Chen-Pang1Email
Public Works: Industrial Waste ManagementRosemary Cubero21Email
Fire & Police PensionsKevin Davis20213.485.4899
LAWATitus Decoursey1Email
Department of Recreation and ParksLinda Fisher20Email
City PlanningAlissa Gordon21Email
Housing (HCIDLA)Richard Heredia20Email
Housing (HCIDLA)Amelia P. Hernandez21Email
Harbor Port of LAManuel Hernandez1Email
Office of FinanceFelicia Horne-Burrell1Email
LAPD Civilian (Technical Investigation Division)Michael A. Hurley21Email
Department of Recreation and ParksMarc Israel20Email
LAPD/ASBYul Johnson20Email
PW: SanitationDonald Jojola21Email
DisabilityLing Kauffman1Email
City Attorneys OfficeJack Kayajian1Email
Department of Public Works (Bureau of Street Services)Benjamin Lau21Email
Department of Building & SafetyVictoria Lira20Email
Office of FinanceFausto Macario1Email
LAPDShenese McClendon20Email
Emergency Management DepartmentLarry Meyerhofer20Email
LAPD - Piper TechEdward Miller21Email
Department of TransportationMichiko Murakami1Email
Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL)Robyn Myers1Email
ControllerTerry "Will" Newman1Email
Office of FinanceToMai Nguyen1Email
Office of Finance (Field Audit)Marieta Okamoto1Email
Office of FinanceBenjamin Ortiz1Email
Housing (HCIDLA) (Finance and Development)Bruce Ortiz20Email
LAPDCharlotte Reaves20Email
Department of TransportationJoe Richard21Email
Department of Recreation and Parks (Citywide Aquatics Division)Nivar Rivera20Email
Department of Recreation and Parks (Citywide Aquatics Division)Ivan Rodriguez20Email
LAWAJuan Rodriguez20Email
LAWAOmar Rodriguez1Email
Office of Finance Juan Rolon1Email
LAPDWayne Rorex1Email
Department of Public Works (Bureau of Engineering)Mark Santistevan21Email
Office of FinanceHope Shaffer20Email
LAPD/CommunicationsLeslie Smith20Email
ControllerAida B. Tomines20Email
Department of Public Works (IWMD)Primitiva Vidal21Email
LAWAMichael Vas1Email
Office of Finance (Field Audit)Marc Wagner1Email
ControllerJoan Washington1Email
LAPDJill Woo20Email
LAPDChristina Youseff1Email

What Are The Responsibilities Of An EAA Union Steward?

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