Meet Your Steward: Terry “Will” Newman

Welcome, EAA members, my name is Terry “Will” Newman.

I am an EAA Union Steward for the Office of the Controller. In addition to my duties as a Union Steward I serve as a member of EAA’s Finance Committee, where with the EAA Treasurer we review EAA finances and make financial recommendations in accordance with EAA financial policy.

After nearly 20 years as a CPA, an Internal Auditor with the Office of the Controller, and an EAA Steward, I can say with some authority: “Try being a Steward.” You will learn about your union and be better prepared to help your fellow workers. Signing up as a Steward–even for a few months–will make you a better employee. Do not miss out on a great opportunity.

Consider Volunteering to Serve Your Brothers and Sisters as a Union Steward.

Many locations do not enjoy the benefits of having a Steward on-site, little less on-call. There can be a Union Steward in each workplace with represented employees and in each area or floor of the workplace. Click the image below to learn what it is a Union Steward does and how you can become one.