Meet Your Steward: Christopher Moody

By and large, my professional experience evolved around travel for over 45 years. In my 20’s I was a travel agent, followed by a career that spanned 18 years with Continental Airlines – retired. I have since been with Airport Operations at LAX for the past 23 years. In October of 2008 through September of 2010, I took MOU Article 1.11: “Release Time from City to Work for the Association”.

I was a Labor Rep responsible for 10 City departments including Airport and Harbor. In 2008, I returned to Airport Operations. I am a Shop Steward and formerly elected to Unit Council. I also served a year as one of the seven Board Governors as well as head of the EAA Membership Committee.

I was part of the search committee to recommend association with IBEW. I have served the union under Bob Aquino, Michael Davies, Joe Kahraman, Greg West, and now Bill Violante. One Airport group grievance I organized resulted in two years back pay for under paid holiday hours affecting 120 personnel and thousands of dollars.

What Is A Union Steward?