Meet Your Steward: Bruce Ortiz (HCIDLA)

I have been with the City of Los Angeles for over 30 years as a Rehabilitation Project Coordinator, managing field offices to rehabilitate and construction affordable housing.  Presently assigned to the main office at Garland Building in Los Angeles in the Finance and Development Division of the Housing Department.

I have been with EAA as a Steward for MOU 20 for about 5 years now I have enjoyed my achievements to assist fellow EAA members as well as other City employees needing help with the Union.  I have also enjoyed other activities; such as, cooking and serving the Homeless at the Dolores Mission, assisting City officials in their bid for City Council, or bid for re-election.  Enjoyed meeting with City officials during EAA meetings, and learn a lot from my conversations with them.  

I invite all to join and be part of our growing organization.

Serve your Sisters and Brothers as a Union Steward.

Many locations do not enjoy the benefits of having a Steward on-site, little less on-call. There can be a Union Steward in each workplace with represented employees and in each area or floor of the workplace. Click the image below to learn what it is a Union Steward does and how you can become one.