Meet Your Steward: Ari Briski (City Planning)

Greetings Union Sisters and Brothers,

My name is Ariana Briski. I joined the Department of City Planning in 2015, which makes me a relative newbie to the city scene. I grew up in Los Angeles and really appreciate the opportunity to work for a city so near and dear to my heart. 

Before taking this job I spent five years working at a social service agency in New York City. It gave me a great perspective on what people need to thrive: strong communities, access to education, healthcare and housing, and well paid secure jobs. I knew that Unions have played a historic role in working toward these goals, but I had never had the pleasure of joining one myself.

I signed up to be a Union Steward in early 2017 in hopes of better understanding the role unions play in today’s landscape.  I’m glad to work alongside everyone at EAA and my colleagues in the Department of City Planning to build a better workplace and city.  I’m hoping to get more involved in the coming year as a Unit Council member and to stay involved over what is hopefully a long career with the City of Los Angeles! 

Serve your Sisters and Brothers as a Union Steward.

Many locations do not enjoy the benefits of having a Steward on-site, little less on-call. There can be a Union Steward in each workplace with represented employees and in each area or floor of the workplace. Click the image below to learn what it is a Union Steward does and how you can become one.