March 2017 Labor Rep Report Recap

Grievance Issues

Department: Public Works – Bureau of Street Services

Case: A member was the only female in the unit and was being assigned work that did not involve the technical aspects of the job. Her assignments over time evolved solely into salvaging. She made a few requests to her supervisor and advised him that she wanted to keep her skill set up and stay assigned technical duties as the salvaging had gone on for some time (over 5 years) and she was losing her technical skills while her male peers were performing all the technical aspects of the job. These attempts/requests turned into yelling matches initiated by her supervisor, who made statements like “you have trouble doing the work. The guys don’t have those problems.” She contacted the Union and a grievance was filed.

Outcome: An informal meeting was held. EAA advised the supervisor that the statements he was making are tantamount to discrimination. He acknowledged how that might be taken. A lengthy but relevant discussion took place and the grievance was ultimately granted. A new assignment schedule is being put in place where all the analysts will rotate the salvaging and technical duties equally. 

Discipline Issues

Department: Department of Transportation

Case: A Forty-plus Member was facing termination for excessive supervision and failing to complete work in a timely manner.

Outcome: EAA negotiated a settlement whereby the member =is able to retire in lieu of termination.

Meet and Confer Issues

Department: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Case: EAA members working at LAPD Technical Support Division (TID) wanted a 4/10-work schedule.

Outcome: EAA successfully negotiated a pilot program and extension of a 4/10 work schedule for members working at LAPD Technical Support Division as Forensic Print Specialist and Photographers.

Probationary Termination Issues

Department: Office of Finance

Case: An employee was terminated on probation. The employee contacted EAA sating that the termination was not warranted. The employee received a 3-month evaluation indicating that she needed improvement along with a counseling for tardiness. The employee did not receive a 5-month evaluation and was terminated days before the 6-month probation was scheduled to end.

Outcome: EAA will advise the employee to visit Personnel Department within 5 business days to request to be placed back on the list for the classification they were terminated. EAA will then contact the Department to request/ensure that the employee is not blocked from getting back on the list. To achieve this, the Department must mark “willing to rehire” on the Form 41. If the termination paperwork has not been completed and signed off, EAA can request and work towards an agreement allowing the employee to resign. If the employee had prior civil service status in their prior classification, they will revert back to that position (which is protected during the 6 month probation period). Once placed back on the list, the employee will begin to receive Certs for other opportunities and will have to redo the probationary period.

``Vote of No Confidence`` Issue

Department: Recreation & Parks (RaP)

Case: EAA filed a UERP with the LA City Employee Relations Board (ERB) for a campaign of retaliatory employment practices in RAP Aquatics Division by the Director of Aquatics.

Outcome: The Executive Director of the ERB accepted the charge (UERP 2044) and the matter went before the full ERB. Although RAP HR argued against the charges, the ERB sent the matter to a hearing to decide the merits of the UERP. Additionally, prior to the matter being presented to the ERB, the Aquatics Facility Managers (AFMs) invited EAA to a meeting to hear their complaints regarding the Director of Aquatics. As a result, EAA sent a letter of a “Vote of No Confidence” to the General Manager of RAP on behalf of the AFMs and a “Petition of a Vote of No Confidence” signed by over 78% of the AFMs.

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