Labor Representative Richard Sanchez

Richard-Sanchez_EAA-StaffRichard Sanchez retired as an Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building II after 38 years of service with the Department of Building and Safety in the City of Los Angeles. Having begun his career in the Inspector Series, he ultimately served in his Management-level position until retirement in 2007.

After serving 20 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, Richard Sanchez retired as Chief Warrant Officer IV. He earned a Bachelor degree as well as a Masters degree in Construction Management. During his City career, he was actively involved in labor organizations, serving six years on the Board of Directors of the Municipal Construction Inspectors Association (MCIA – MOU 5) and four years as the Vice President of the Los Angeles Professional Managers Association (LAPMA – MOU 36).

Richard benefits from ample experience from grievances. Richard previously worked for EAA as a Labor Representative and as a consultant for member outreach. He encourages EAA members to be active in their Union and to work for the betterment of members and of all City employees.