Labor Day Rally for Healthcare Justice at Kaiser

What did you do for Labor Day 2019? While a good number of you were likely enjoying your time off with some well-deserved R&R, a contingent of EAA members and staff were on hand at the Rally for Healthcare Justice at Kaiser Permanente. Represented by Stewards Coordinator Marleen Fonseca, Vice President Mark Santistevan, and Union Stewards Ivan Rodriguez and Rosemary Cubero, Team EAA protested in solidarity with thousands of SEIU-UHW union members, patients, and community members seeking fair pay and workers benefits. 


As is, ten line workers at Kaiser make less per year than an Executive at Kaiser, which is especially odd considering Kaiser Permanente is classified to be a non-profit! This rally sought to stir awareness to those disparities as Kaiser leans towards cutting pay and benefits further while increasing costs to patients and customers. EAA does not stand for such mistreatment and neither did the list of dignitaries in attendance who stood with SEIU-UHW.
Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris and US Congresswoman Maxine Waters both spoke at the Rally for Healthcare Justice at Kaiser yesterday. Also in attendance were Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago, Wendy Carrillo, and State Senator Maria Elena Durazo.