Highlights: Double Feature in District 10

When it comes to Council President’s Herb J. Wesson Jr’s “Movies in the Park” summer series, Westside Neighborhood Park always tends to be THE biggest draw in the rotation of venues. There was a reported one thousand City District 10 denizens in attendance for the last screening of the summer and Team EAA was there to pitch in as was representatives from The Neilsen Company, Chinese Laundry, the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and Billy Ashley of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 


Once again, Team EAA would be tasked with handing out sweets and treats to the attendees. The stockpile of candy at the EAA booth proved barely enough as the last of the fashionably late still managed to get in on the action. Kudos to the event organizers at Team Wesson for pooling together precisely enough resources to pull off the the double feature. As is always the case, the raffle prizes drew the most attention, which ranged from Dodger tickets to a Smart TV to 360° camera.  

Most of the live coverage was broadcast through EAA’s Instagram Live and Twitter social networks. The quickly setting sun made photography a technical difficulty, but we still managed to come away with sufficient coverage to tell the tale. Check out the photo highlights from Council President Herb Wesson Jr’s Movies in the Park double screening of Disney’s “Robin Hood” and “The Fox and the Hound”. 

Please take a moment to recognize the commitments from the following EAA members  and staff, who represented for Team EAA:

  • Richard Heredia (Union Steward/Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department)
  • Wendy Escobar (Union Steward/Department of Recreation and Parks)
  • Jack Kayajian (Union Steward/MOU 1 Unit Council Member/City Attorney Office)
  • Brenna Green (EAA Staff – Front Desk)
  • Malcolm Davies (EAA Contract Employee – Communication Coordinator)