Executive Director’s Message: July 2019


Negotiations have been completed and a Tentative Agreement (TA) has reached with the CAO. Every issue of importance and applicable to all MOUs was successfully negotiated and agreement or LOI was reached for 86% of those issues specific to job classifications “specials” that were submitted by EAA members through their respective Unit Councils.    

The Board of Governors approved the Tentative Agreement, ratifications meetings have been held, EAA dues-paying members have cast their votes, and the results are in.

I am pleased to report that over 60% of EAA members cast their ballot to ratify the agreement and that 99% of those casting their vote overwhelming voted to approve the agreement.

The LA City Executive Employee Relations Committee (EERC) approved the Tentative Agreement. The agreement will now be sent to the City Council Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee (PAW) for approval and then off to the full City Council for approval.

The City Council will be on recess the month of July for three weeks, therefore, it is anticipated that the PAW Committee will hear our agreement on August 7th. Once approved by PAW Committee the agreement will be forwarded to full City Council for a vote at the end of that week or the beginning of the week of August 12th.

In addition to voting to ratify the terms of the negotiated Tentative Agreement all EAA members were asked to support an amendment to the Bylaws to provide for electronic, on-line or telephonic voting in addition to mail balloting as a way to conduct MOU ratification voting and to support an amendment to increase of EAA membership dues from .8% to 1.0% effective July 7, 2019. The majority of EAA voting members approved both of these amendments.

Below are the elections results as certified by the American Arbitration Association, verified by EAA Election Committee and adopted by the Board of Governors.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank the EAA Board of Governors, Unit Councils, Union Stewards, Negotiations Team, Subject Matter Experts, EAA Labor Reps, and EAA staff for your time, energy and hard work during these negotiations. Thank you too to all EAA members for your support throughout the negotiations process. And as always a special thank you to my right hand person, Sr. Labor Rep Marleen Fonseca.      

Congratulations to all EAA members for a well deserved contact!!!

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