Even Union Stewards Need An Assist Every Now And Then

My name is Nash Eskander.

I will never forget the help and support of my great EAA Union when they stood beside me when I unjustly received a 5-day suspension.  They assisted me in the preparation of my grievance and relentlessly represented me throughout the grievance process. 

Management refused to withdraw the 5-day suspension despite all the evidence presented by EAA.  As a result, EAA took my grievance to arbitration, the final step in the grievance process.  EAA’s brilliant attorney presented my case at the arbitration along with my EAA Labor Rep.  My estimate is that the cost of the arbitration alone was more than what I have paid to EAA in dues over several years.  I will always be thankful for how my Union represented me. 

I thank God for EAA and their legal counsel for all of their hard work to prove that the allegations against me were not true and that they won my case.  The 5-day suspension and all record of it were removed from any of my records. I thank God and I thank EAA for all they did for me.

For Your Information | The Labor Representative who assisted City of Los Angeles employee, EAA union member, and EAA Union Steward Nash Eskander was Darryl Cherness.