EAA Holiday Party 2016 Recap

Much like the year it celebrated, the 2016 EAA Holiday Party came and went in a blur. The Sheraton Grand Ballroom was reserved from 1:00 to 5:00p, but was cleared by no later than 3:00, whereas last year, the party ended closer to 4:30p. For those of you that attended, did you feel the party was too short or was it just right? Leave your opinion in the comments. Your feedback will help the EAA Party Committee with their coordinating efforts for next year’s party.

Speaking of the EAA Party Committee, let’s all take a second to show appreciation to your fellow members who donated their time to make it all happen:

Gonzalo Barriga Speech_EAA Holiday Party 2016As smooth as the goings went, there were a few little things that might have gone unnoticed. For starters and perhaps most notably, the recently-minted EAA President Gonzalo Barriga (at left) made his first public address to the EAA membership. Assemblymen Patrick O’Donnell (70th District), Miguel Santiago (53rd District), Mike A. Gipson (64th District), and Deputy Mayor Matt Szabo were on-hand as well. 

If you happen to be social media savvy and active on Facebook, tag yourself in the EAA Holiday Party 2016 photo album. For those of you who prefer to stay off the grid, you can view photo coverage of EAA Holiday Party 2016 below. Thanks for checking in: