Contract Negotiation Update: August 23rd

Attention Union Sisters and Brothers,

I’m happy to report that the Personnel & Animal Welfare Committee (PAW) members, Council-member Koretz (Committee Chair) and Council-member Curren-Price approved all four MOUs at their August 21st Meeting and forwarded their recommendation to full City Council for consideration Friday on August 23rd .  We want to personally thank both Council-members for their continued support.  The full City Council approved all four MOUs on Friday, August 23rd and the MOUs were forwarded to the Mayor forthwith (expedited).  All MOUs are moving forward for implementation. 

A big thank you goes out to all City Council members for their support, recognition of EAA members sacrifices and approval of the MOUs.  A special thank you goes out to the Mayor and other members of the EERC for meeting with me throughout the past couple of years leading up to these negotiations, for recognizing the sacrifice EAA members have made for the past several years and for providing the bargaining instructions that led the way to the conclusion of these negotiations resulting in outstanding contracts for all EAA members.

Your 2.9% increase should be effective on September 15th retroactive to October 28, 2018.  After processing by the Controller, you should see the increase on your October 9th pay check. It is anticipated that your October 28, 2018 retroactive pay will be received on a separate check no later than some time in November 2019.  We are working with the CAO and the Controller to expedite this process and these dates if at all possible.   

On a personal note – thank you to all dues paying members for your commitment to your union.  Yes, your union –  “YOU are EAA.” EAA cannot function without your contributions and support. Contracts such as these would not be possible without that support.  I would be remiss if I didn’t express my utter disappointment in those who do not support EAA and yet they go along for a free ride receiving the same benefit at the expense of others – shame on you!

In Solidarity,

Bill Violante
Executive Director