Member Stories

Members Stories: Patricia Barker

Hello, my name is Patricia Barker, a Sr Transportation Investigator for the Department of Transportation.  I was accused of making an “inappropriate remark” by a co-worker, who overheard my conversation with another employee. The co-worker convinced the person whom I addressed to go to the supervisor, who then issued a complaint against me. After a…

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Member Stories: Miranda Ow

My name is Miranda Ow, Senior Systems Analyst in the Department of Transportation. I will be forever grateful to the Engineers and Architects Association for assisting me in my response to a Notice to Correct Deficiencies (NTCD) that I received. While the NTCD had merit, its wording distorted the situation and included information that was…

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Member Stories: Monica Shelton

My name is Monica Shelton.   At the time of my grievance I was a Chief Clerk with the Department of General Services (GSD). I believed that my Department was asking me to perform duties that were not within my jobs classification. I contacted EAA and asked if anything could be done. My EAA Labor rep advised me to…

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