Labor Rep Corner

The Anatomy of a Hostile Work Environment

At least once a week I receive a phone call from a member, who wants to report that he/she is the victim of a hostile work environment. The complaint is often along the lines of “My boss is always mean to me. He is always saying rude things to me and he often swears. He is…

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It’s Called #MeToo or ‘The Reckoning’ and It’s Not Going Away

Sexual harassment is being redefined and if you are not paying attention, or worse, ignoring the writing on the wall, you will be calling us soon to represent you to save you from the New Rules! It’s called #MeToo or “The Reckoning”, and the number of celebrity males being brought to account for sexual harassment,…

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A Day In The Life Of A Labor Rep

People often ask me what I do for a living. When my response is “I’m a Labor Representative,” it can be met by a look of confusion. I then go on to explain… “Every employee in the City of Los Angeles belongs to a Union. For the employees in my Union, I enforce their contracts,…

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