Executive Director’s Message

A Message from the Executive Director: July 2018

Dear EAA Member: The highly anticipated US Supreme Court decision Janus v AFSCME was issued yesterday. As we predicted, the conservative majority ruled 5-4 against public sector unions collecting an “agency fee”, monies from non-members to cover the costs of researching and negotiating a MOU on behalf of thousands of workers, otherwise known as a…

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Executive Director’s Message: June 2018

This month’s message is the second in a series of messages that discuss the history of the Labor movement. In last months message I asked the question, “have you ever asked yourself, why unionize?” and provided you with the simple basic answer, “workers were faced with many difficulties in the work place such as unsanitary…

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Executive Director’s Message: May 2018

In an attempt to put forth as much information as possible to EAA members I have asked our Communications Director to add new features to the web page: Executive Director’s Message Labor Reps’ Corner (On a rotating basis) Meet your Union Steward Members’ Stories – What EAA Did For Me! This month’s message is the…

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