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2016 EAA Scholarship Winners Announced

Three weeks ago, the EAA Scholarship Committee convened at EAA HQ in Downtown Los Angeles to determine who this year’s beneficiaries would be. After having read through every single submission, the EAA Scholarship Committee was able to narrow the selection down to the five most compelling essays. Thanks to your membership dues, your union has made it possible to lighten the…

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Archival Footage of First Annual EAA Picnic from July 14, 1951

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to a time long before selfie technology (which when you think about it, really was not all that long ago, but I digress). A bit of spring cleaning unearthed two spools of celluloid amidst a pile of old paper files. Naturally, we sent them to the lab for digitizing. What…

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In Appreciation of James Miller

He is a member of the MOU 1 Council (read your new Memorandum of Understanding) as well as a member of both our Finance and Outreach committees. He is also one of your own, a fellow Engineers & Architects Association union member. The new EAA owes a great deal of its progress thanks to his efforts.…

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