Candidates Announced for the 2018 EAA Elections

As is customary for this time of the year, the Engineers & Architects Association is conducting its annual elections to fill seats in the Board of Governors and Unit Councils that are vacant or soon to be vacated. With the petition for candidacy window long since closed, the EAA Election Committee recently convened a special session to review and approve qualifying applications from participating members. 

Before we reveal this year’s selection of candidates, it should be noted that ballots for the 2018 EAA Elections will be mailed Friday, November 2nd. This also marks the official start to 2018 EAA Elections voting period. Completed ballots must be received by the post office by no later than 8:00a November 26th. Only voluntary dues paying members are eligible to vote. For more information regarding EAA Election rules, refer back to the original 2018 EAA Election Announcement

And now without further ado, this year’s candidates:

Meet The Candidates. Read Their Statements.

Jack Kayajian
Running for:
Governor At-Large

Jack Kayajian is elected to serve as EAA’s Unit Councilmember for MOU 1 (largest unit within the organization).

After a successful two years, Jack was appointed to the Constitution & By-Laws committee and Outreach committee. He is proactive within the community and has the ability to consistently strengthen relations with our City Councilmembers, promoting EAA.

Jack has demonstrated leadership within the organization and is determined to activate agency fee members to contribute their fair share to our union.

Jack, along with EAA Vice President Mark Santistevan, and EAA Treasurer John Dierking, have been selected and recognized as NAACP’s Salute to Labor Tribute for the 6th Annual Labor Awards. 

“As your next Board of Governor, I will ensure that we position ourselves for a strong 2018-2019 contract negotiations on behalf of our EAA members within ALL City departments.”

Vote – JACK KAYAJIAN for Board of Governor At-Large
*Officially endorsed by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer

Jacob Brothers
Running for:
Governor At-Large

Fellow EAA Sisters and Brothers,

My name is Jacob Brothers and I have been an EAA members for almost 10 years. I currently work for LADOT and have been since 2009. I am choosing to run for Governor At-Large because it is time for me to give back to the Union that has given its precious resources to protect my rights. I was featured on the EAA website highlighting what EAA has done for me (here); I would urge you to read it all and other testimonials that are featured there.

We are in uncharted waters after the Janus Supreme Court ruling and now is the time for us to stick together and I see my candidacy as the glue that will bind us together. Moreover, if elected, I will fight for a fair and equitable MOU. I will fight to ensure that transparency and openness are part of the negotiation process. EAA is at a pivotal time in history and I am willing, ready, and able to helm EAA members to a more fair, equitable, and prosperous union. 

I am humbly seeking your vote for EAA Governor At-Large. Do not forget to vote!

Jacob Brothers

John Dierking (Incumbent)
Running for:
MOU 1 Governor

Greeting Brothers and Sisters,

I thank you for the opportunity to have served you as MOU 1 Governor and Treasurer. The cooperative and collegial approach to governance by your current elected officers has given rise to an optimistic outlook for our union. We can demonstrate a positive track record on your behalf, a more open and transparent handling of EAA matters, sound financial health, and a greater opportunity for member input. We have a visible presence of outreach work in the community with partners like Dolores Mission and the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

I currently work with the Office of Finance as a Tax Compliance Officer III. Prior to my work with the City, I worked in the private practice of law, and maintain an active California law license. This background has proved to be a great help in promoting our interests. We have challenges ahead. We will vet MOU proposals to bring to the table for our successor MOU cycle.

I can express to you as Board Treasurer that our annual budget is balanced and we continue to work on our policy and procedural safeguards to ensure financial stability, and many of these documents will be published and available for inspection. As your Governor, I will continue to work to preserve and advance our collective MOU interest. This must be our primary and unobstructed focus.

I respectfully ask for your continued trust and confidence as you vote for John Dierking.

Thank you.

Peace. Mabuhay. Freedom. Solidarity.

Mark Santistevan (Incumbent)
Running for:
MOU 21 Governor

Dear fellow EAA members:

My name is Mark D. Santistevan. I have been employed by the City of Los Angeles and have been an EAA member since February 1989, I am also a voluntary dues paying member in good standing. I have served as a Union Steward since November of 2010 at the San Pedro Survey office. Thanks to you, I have served as your MOU 21 Governor from March 2011 to the present. It’s been a privilege and an honor. 

As an EAA member, I would like to continue to serve as your MOU 21 Governor. I will continue to work hard to protect and improve our rights and benefits that we, as City employees, have earned and deserved to keep. In these difficult times, public employees are still being blamed for the City’s financial hardships. We must continue to fight to protect our rights and if I am re-elected I will continue the motto members first. 

I have helped to make our Union stronger, more transparent, and financially viable. Accountability and integrity have been my core values for the seven years, but more still needs to be done. I am asking for your continued support and your vote for the office if MOU 21 Governor. 

Thank you for your support in the previous two elections. I hope to continue to earn your trust and confidence. Please take an active interest in our union, vote, volunteer, and be active member. 

In solidarity,

Mark Santistevan

Joan Washington
Running for:
MOU 1 Unit Council


My name is Joan Washington and I want to be your next Unit Council Member representing MOU 1. I have more than 20 years of experience analyzing job functions and aligning them with appropriate pay scales. I have also has experience as a participant in negotiating complex contracts and implementing those contracts through execution. This is relevant experience for this position.

My career with the city of Los Angeles began 30 years ago. Throughout my civil service career I have upheld and promoted principles of fiscal responsibility, ethics, transparency, integrity, and honesty. I will also uphold those principles as a Unit Council Member. The primary responsibilities of a Unit Council Member are to assist the Unit Governor and Staff in determining disposition of the Finance Committee.

My concerns are vigilance on two fronts, which means one eye on the employer and the other eye on how my co-workers’ dues money is being utilized. While serving on this committee I will advocate for you by receiving negotiating proposals and recommending changes that are fiscally attainable. I am happy to serve you.

No Candidates

No Candidates

Ariane Briski
Running for:
MOU 21 Unit Council

I’ve been with the Department of City Planning for over three years now. I’m grateful to have a job where I can make a difference without having to sacrifice compensation or benefits. I know these jobs are harder and harder to come by, as people in the City of Los Angeles continue to struggle with higher levels of debt, falling wages, and skyrocketing cost of living. This is especially true for some of our younger residents that have only known post-recession wages.

A year ago I became a Union Steward to better understand the Union’s role in creating and protecting good jobs throughout changes in membership and the political landscape. Since taking on the Steward title many of my colleagues have shared their ideas for how we can work alongside EAA to ensure that the City of Los Angeles continues to provide civil service positions with fair pay and goof benefits. Recently I worked alongside my coworkers to write many of these ideas up into a formal proposal, which we can use to share our upcoming MOU negotiations. If elected I will continue to work as a conduit to ensure all members in MOU 19 have a voice in how EAA can continue to advocate on our behalf.

Cristian Centeno
Running for:
MOU 21 Unit Council

A strong Union begins with great leadership. I am running for MOU 21 Unit Council and would like the privilege to serve our Union members. I am an Environmental Compliance Inspector with the Bureau of Sanitation, Watershed Protection Division, with 14 years of City service and have served as a Union Steward for MOU 21. I began working with the Union after seeing colleagues under-represented in my Division. I have actively fought to protect the rights of our Union members and plan to continue to do so as your Unit Council. With your support, I will fight for a stronger Union and represent your best interest.

My career with the City began with the Department of Parks and Recreation where I served 12 years in the aquatics Division as an Open Water Lifeguard II. I was then promoted to Environmental Compliance Inspector where I served for 2 years. I have received a Bachelors of Science degree in Molecular Biology from California State University, Long Beach.

A Message from EAA Election Committee Chairperson Yul Johnson

Please take a moment, when your ballot arrives, to fill it out and mail it back. The ballots MUST be in the American Arbitration Mailbox no later than 8:00a of November 26h. You may NOT deliver the ballot to the EAA Office. PLEASE remember to SIGN THE ENVELOPE in the signature block area. We need a SIGNATURE, as a return address label by itself will not count. YOU NEED TO SIGN the signature block in order for your vote to be counted.

The ballots were mailed today, November 2nd. If you do not receive your ballot within a week, please contact the EAA office at 213.620.6920 to get replacement mailed promptly to you. Should you vote, and then change your mind, you may request a replacement ballot. The envelopes are coded with your individual information and only the later ballot will be counted.

The Election Committee invites all members to observe the counting, which will take place on the morning of November 26th at the EAA Offices. The ballots are to be picked up from the post office at 8 a.m. They are then sorted and verified before the actual counting begins, usually around 9:30a, depending on how many ballots are received.

We urge you to exercise your right as dues paying members and VOTE. Fill out the ballot; SIGN the pre- paid envelope; and drop it in the mailbox.

Thank you.

Yul Johnson
Chairperson, EAA Election Committee