Board of Governors Meeting Highlights

Kobindi M Nwadiwe_EAA-Scholarship

Meet the 2016 EAA Scholarship Winners

There’s more to your union than meets the eye and the turnout for last Wednesday’s Board of Governors meeting would most certainly attest to that. Every month the Engineers & Architects Association’s Board of Governors convene to review and discuss important issues concerning the union. The subject matter can range anywhere from case litigation to commissioning murals (READ: “Anthony Cox’s ‘Labor Los Angeles’ Mural Dedication“). This month’s meeting, however, alternated between both a hands-on and hands-off approach.

Let’s start with the hands-on aspect of the August Board of Governors meeting. As announced yesterday, the first order of business was to award the winners of the 2016 EAA Scholarship Fund. There were no novelty checks, only the sort bankers care to consider. Because the big reveal was published to the website yesterday, we’re going to keep it moving, but for those of you not yet in the know, the results and photos can be viewed by clicking the photo at left. 

Markus Cummings-LAYN_EAA Outreach

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One more check would be awarded that evening and to a cause just as deserving. There to accept on behalf of the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) was the Manager of Community Engagement, Markus Cummings.

About LAYN
The LAYN’s mission is to empower abused, neglected and homeless adolescents to become self-sufficient. Every year, LAYN provides shelter services to 500+ youth as well as 13,000 bed nights for youth 12-17, 40,000 meals, and 50,000 hours assisting youth in career counseling, tutoring, mentoring and life skills education.

David Somers Holds the Floor

David Somers Holds the Floor

This next bit of business is taken out of order, but you will understand why soon enough. The Board of Governors are always open to feedback from its members, some of whom take it upon themselves to deliver such feedback in person. EAA Union member Dave Somers held the floor to discuss using the Engineers & Architects Association’s political clot to show support for Measure R, which will be on the upcoming ballot in November 2016.

For those of you not familiar with Measure R, it is a half-cent sales tax for Los Angeles County that finances new transportation projects and programs, and accelerates many of those already in the pipeline. It has tremendous upside both ecologically and economically as extra funding to such projects would be a boon to the City of Los Angeles’s civil servants. More details on how EAA will move forward with this agenda are forthcoming. Do stay tuned. Your support will be crucial in the coming months.

Last but certainly not least (nor chronologically either for that matter) was the honoring of the recently retired Richard Sanchez with a Certificate of Recognition for his years of selfless service to this union and to the City of Los Angeles. Normally, a moment like this would be deserving of its own spotlight, but Richard Sanchez was never the type to pat himself on the back. Consider yourself lucky enough to steal these few glimpses below.

As an EAA Labor Representative, Richard Sanchez championed many a union member from the Departments of Building and Safety, City Planning, Information Technology Agency, Los Angeles Retirement System, Los Angeles World Airports, and Office of Finance. It is the integral role he played in the reemergence of the New EAA, which will forever endear him to this union. Without his contributions, the terms of the new MOUs would never have come to pass and for that we are forever indebted. With that said, I’ll leave you with the same words he left the Board of Governors before he rode off into the sunset…