August 2016 Labor Rep Reports Recap

Arbitration Issues

Geoffrey-L-Garfield_EAA-StaffLabor Representative: Geoffrey Garfield

Department: Cultural Affairs

Case: A member was working in an acting capacity, managing two separate facilities. The department argued that the member was not acting in the capacity of the higher pay grade. EAA argued that the member was fulfilling all of the duties of the higher pay grade and submitted proof in writing from management of the same.

Outcome: The Arbitrator ruled for the grievant with full back pay.

Grievances Issues

Marleen-Fonseca_EAA-StaffLabor Representative: Marleen Fonseca

Department: Public Works (Sanitation/Controller)

Case: A member was promoted at Public Works Sanitation; however, the member did not receive the correct 5.5% salary increase. The member was transferred to the Controllers Office, which resulted in an incorrect salary step in conjunction with the recently negotiated MOU pay increases. 

Outcome: EAA assisted the member with correcting the matter at Public Works Sanitation that resulted in the correct salary placement at the member’s new department, making the member whole and placement at the appropriate salary step with back pay.

Discipline Issues

Bill-Violante_EAA-StaffLabor Representative: Bill Violante

Department: LAPD

Case: A member was terminated for signing in wrong on a divisional sign-in and sign-out sheet. The member changed the incorrect time when it was brought to the member’s attention. The timesheet was never submitted to payroll with the error. The member had made mistakes on their timesheet in the past, both in favor of the themselves and management. The department claimed the member was falsifying records. 

Outcome: EAA represented the member at the employee interview, through the Skelly process and at the member’s Civil Service appeal hearing. The Hearing Officer found that the LAPD did not prove their case and the member overturned the termination.

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