Benefits of Affiliation with IBEW Local 11

Premium Benefits of Affiliation with IBEW Local 11

    IBEW Local 11 Union Death Benefit ($1,400) [Optional]

If an EAA member is interested in enrolling into additional pensions or benefits, please call IBEW Local 11 Executive Office at 626.243.9706 for the optional IBEW Local 11 Union Death Beneift ($1,400) $.200 per month – $1,400 paid at the time of death. 

    Credit Union Benefits [Optional]

In addition to the listed benefits of affiliation with IBEW Local 11, including local political strength and relationships with various affiliates, members can opt-in to additional benefits, pensions as well as take advantage of low interest rate loans through the Electrical Workers Credit Union. EAA members are able to join the credit union by visiting:

    Complimentary Legal Support

As an IBEW Local 11 affiliate, you may receive additional legal support in cases where EAA Business agents have assessed your grievance and later determined that additional resources are necessary.

Assurances of Affiliation with IBEW Local 11

    Protection of AFL-CIO 

As an IBEW Local 11 affiliate, your membership is backed by the AFL-CIO’s full commitment to defend against potential and actual raiding from either AFL-CIO unions or non-AFL-CIO unions.

✓    True Autonomy

IBEW will neither interfere with nor attempt to realign EAA’s current infrastructure. EAA will remain a self-governed entity with IBEW acting in a supporting role. 

    Strength in Numbers

IBEW Local 11 offers local political strength through everyday political connection which will lead to more positive outcomes.

    Amplified Influence

IBEW Local 11 provides political lobbying power in the County, State, and at the Federal level.

    Increased Political Presence

IBEW Local 11 is highly involved in the City’s political structure, including a seat at the neighborhood councils, workforce investment boards, and planning commissions, committees and community groups.

    Positions of Power

IBEW Local 11 is on the Executive Board of the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and affiliate groups.

    Increased Support Network

IBEW Local 11 offers a large and diverse support staff to complement current EAA staffing needs.

    Shared Career Goals and Expectations

IBEW Local 11 represents workers in specialized areas of work that demand a higher standard of living.

    Complementary Classifications

IBEW Local 11 understands the professional nature of members work: members demand a highly skilled workforce trained in extremely complex systems.

    Fellowship in the Workplace

IBEW Local 11 workers are already working together in many of the departments that EAA members work in. Making IBEW and EAA stronger together.

    Sisterhood of Union Support

IBEW Local 11 offers a strong, committed relationship with multiple sister IBEW locals that also represent civil service classifications.

    Proven Track Record

IBEW Local 11’s reputation precedes itself with its longstanding history of success in stabilizing attrition rates based on education and specialized training in City department.

    Checks & Balances

IBEW Local 11 nurtures and promotes cooperation between Local 11 and its affiliate unions.

    Built-In Membership Options

The IBEW paid dues structure avails a number of pre-fixe benefits and perks to even the most basic of memberships.

AFL-CIO Affiliation and Affiliated Departments:

1.)     Department of Professional Employees
2.)     Department of Transportation Trades
3.)     Department of Maritime Trades
4.)     Department of Metal Trades
5.)     Department of Building Trades
6.)     Department of Union Label
7.)     Service Trade Department
8.)     Alliance for Retired Americans
9.)     American Rights at Work
10.)    Jobs for Justice
11.)    International Labor Communications Association
12.)    LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
13.)    Helmets to Hard Hats
14.)    Labor Heritage Foundation
15.)    Lawyers Coordinating Committee
16.)    Philip Randolph Association
17.)    Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
18.)    Coalition of Black Trade Unionist
19.)    Coalition of Labor Union Women
20.)    CA State Association
21.)    Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
22.)    Irish Guild of America
23.)    Pride At Work
24.)    Union Veterans
25.)    Council United Way Partnership
26.)    Second 2 Chance
27.)    NAACP Los Angeles Chapter
28.)    CURE
29.)    CREED
30.)    APALA – Asian Pacific Association of Los Angeles
31.)    Work Source Center Americas Jobs Center of CA

    LA City Workforce Investment Board
    Foothill Workforce Investment Board
    Verdugo Workforce Investment Board
    South Bay Workforce Investment Board
    Selaco Workforce Investment Board