A Message from EAA Board President Saturday Aisuan

Our Engineers and Architects Association (EAA) has come a very long way since its founding 125 years ago. It has evolved from a professional association to a Union representing over 5,000 City employees at the bargaining table to negotiate our MOU’s; in the workplace protecting our members’ rights; and in the community through our Outreach efforts.

As we enter the final quarter of the calendar year, it is important to celebrate EAA’s accomplishments over the past nine months under your Board’s leadership:

EAA successfully negotiated, ratified and secured City Council adoption of new MOU’s (in effect through June, 2022) which provide substantial gains for all our members, additional gains for many specific class titles, and cash reimbursements for past sacrifices made and shared by EAA members. These are the best MOU’s in many, many years. Many thanks to everyone who served on EAA’s bargaining teams. We also  thank Marleen Fonseca, EAA’s Stewards Coordinator, who worked just to bring the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Our EAA offices have been moved into our own building – a facility with a meeting room large enough to comfortably accommodate membership meetings, steward meetings, and larger events. Finally, a home of our own!

EAA has remained active in Community Outreach efforts in all 15 City Council Districts, with activities ranging from movies in the park, providing services to the homeless population through Dolores Mission, sponsoring cultural events and educational activities, and assisting with Council Office-sponsored events throughout the City.

In response to member input, I am in the process of establishing an Ad-Hoc Political Action Committee, with an expanded number of appointees to better reflect EAA’s growing membership and to open up the process of determining which candidates for office will receive EAA’s prized endorsement.

We continue to expand the range of member benefits, which now include discount pet insurance thanks to the efforts of Board Secretary Jack Kayajian. Treasurer John Dierking and the Board Finance Committee continue to examine each and every EAA expenditure, each and every month.

Your Board is in the process of recruiting a new Executive Director to assist the Board in moving EAA ahead, forcefully pursuing our mission “to advance the economic, professional and community status of EAA members and their families”.

These accomplishments, and our continuing efforts to strengthen our Union, are recognized by the Mayor, the Council President, and prominent organizations such as the NAACP – which reminds us that “There is strength in numbers, and when we organize together, we make a difference!”

When we work together, we get things done.  As 2019 closes, your Union will press on to ensure timely and faithful implementation of our new MOU’s; you can check the EAA website for updates on retro checks (scheduled for later in October) and medical reimbursements (scheduled for early December).  We will continue to work hard to improve member services and to enhance EAA’s standing and image in this City.


In Solidarity,

Saturday Aisuan
EAA Board President