2019 MOU Contract Proposals Review Meetings

Attention Union Sisters & Brothers:

EAA Unit Councils have been meeting throughout the month of January 2019 to review all proposals submitted via Survey Monkey and/or by individuals or groups for job classifications specific to their respective MOUs.

A great number of EAA dues paying members have been present at these meetings presenting proposals specific to their job classifications. All proposals submitted require a written justification. At these meetings, each unit council have provided a template to be followed to justify proposals. 

After reviewing the proposals, with justification, Unit Councils will submit their recommendation to the Board of Governors of those proposals that should move forward to the Executive Director for submission at the upcoming contract negotiations. Any individual EAA member or group that has submitted a proposal specific to their MOU is welcome and should plan to attend one of the meetings to present their proposal in person and to present justification for their proposal. Please see time deadlines listed below.

Below is a schedule of Unit Council Meetings that have been scheduled and the final date for submission of proposals and/or justifications:

NOTE: More meetings will be added to the below as they are scheduled. Bookmark this page or visit the EAA Calendar to keep up-to-date.


Unit Council #DateTimeLocationProposals DeadlineProposals Justification Deadline
MOU 101/08/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 101/15/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 101/23/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 101/29/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 102/05/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 102/11/195:30pEAA Offices02/11/1902/19/19
MOU 102/19/195:30pEAA OfficesCLOSEDMEETING

MOU 19

Unit Council #DateTimeLocationProposals DeadlineProposals Justification Deadline
MOU 1901/10/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 1901/17/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 1901/31/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19

MOU 20

Unit Council #DateTimeLocationProposals DeadlineProposals Justification Deadline
MOU 2001/02/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/03/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/15/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/16/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/22/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/23/195:30pEAA Offices01/28/1901/28/19
MOU 2001/31/195:30pEAA OfficesCLOSEDMEETING

MOU 21

Unit Council #DateTimeLocationProposals DeadlineProposals Justification Deadline
MOU 2101/03/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/08/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/10/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/14/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/23/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/24/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19
MOU 2101/31/195:30pEAA Offices01/31/1901/31/19

*EAA Offices are located at 2911 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA

Please note that no new proposals and/0r justifications will be considered after the dates indicated above.

If you plan on attending any of these Membership Meetings, please RSVP to Brenna Green by email at green@eaaunion.org or by phone at 213.620.6920.