2019 MOU Contract Negotiations Update


Your negotiating team has received information from members regarding the tentative agreements (TA) reached by other LA City Unions. EAA is aware of those TAs and has been keeping up with the progress of those negotiations over the past several months. With that said, we thank those members for their interest and efforts to keep your Negotiations Team informed of information they have received.

Your Negotiating Team realizes that there is a tremendous amount concern and anxiety with our current negotiations based upon a past history of broken promises. Please be assured that we are aware of those concerns and that we are working diligently to rectify those concerns.

Negotiations sessions commenced on March 19th and we have been meeting at least twice a week since then. All proposals submitted to Unit Councils specific to individual job classifications “Specials” with the required justification have been submitted to the CAO and are being discussed at the bargaining table. Additionally, proposals resulting from Survey Monkey have been prioritized and submitted to the CAO and are being discussed at the bargaining table as well.

As previously explained in last months update, it is important to understand that negotiations are confidential and are constantly in flux. Therefore, we are unable to disclose items being negotiated in detail throughout the negotiations process. Keeping in mind the “flux” aspect of negotiations, what I can report for now is that negotiations are progressing well at this time. We are striving to reach an agreement by prior to the end of your current contract expiration date.

Your Negotiations Team is working hard for a total package contract that addresses your concerns and makes EAA members whole.

Bill Violante
Executive Director
Engineers & Architects Association