2019 EAA Holiday Party Recap

Is everyone back up to speed after the long holiday season spell? It can be a grind getting back into the swing of a work routine, which is why weening yourself off the holiday cheer by attending the EAA Holiday Party was probably an astute move (particularly if you were one of the 28 raffle prize winners).

Saturday, January 5th was an otherwise drab, rainy day in LA and as rare as a rainy is here, it was even rare to see the streets were empty. Inside the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles however, ~750 of your fellow union sisters and brothers convened to christen 2019 with their union. The back-and-forth banter of hosts, Marleen Fonseca and Geoffrey Garfield, kept the proceedings moving swimmingly.

This being the fifth ever EAA Holiday Party, the event really was expertly done. The Millennium Biltmore Hotel staff (just coming off their new union contract) worked a room of 750 in stride. The table settings were precise; the three course dinner was paced perfectly; and the helpful staff could not have been more helpful. Team EAA had its own crew of volunteers, who helped make this event not only possible but a success as well.

Thus far, we have been doing all the thanking but on hand for Saturday’s festivities was as a string of City Officials who personally thanked EAA for its continued support. City Controller Ron Halperin and City Councilmen David Ryu (CD4), Paul Koretz (CD5), and Marqueece Harris-Dawson (CD8) all took to the podium to address the hundreds in attendance. Although California Secretary of State Alex Padilla was not able to attend in-person, he did more than just “be there in spirit”. He recorded a video which you can watch as well as each of the other speeches at the bottom of this post or you visit the the official EAA YouTube Channel and watch them all and more there.

Perhaps the most visited station at the 2019 EAA Holiday Party was the photo booth hosted by Jesse Arroyo  Photos. Attendees took home plenty of prints, but the digitals would come later and in bulk after a bit of touching up (Great work, Jesse!). You can not only view the whopping 507 total photos from the photo booth, but you can also save them as your own to complete the set. The photo booth collection can be found below the YouTube videos section.

There were a number of big winners, but no one left the party empty handed as each person in attendance received an EAA Holiday Party gift bag, containing a commemorative 125th anniversary coffee mug. As for the raffle prizes, they ranged from anywhere a Nordstrom’s gift card (won by David Bickell of Harbor) to a Series 4 Apple Watch (won by Tiana Munoz of Fire Civilian) to a trip to a 55″ Samsung SmartTV (won by Michelle Harvey of LAPD). The grand prize, however, was a trip to Hawaii, including lodging. That prize went to member Jaclyn Cun from the Office of Finance.

Three other members from Finance would take home prizes but the biggest number of winners overall hailed from one particular. After the fifth or sixth winner, Co-host Geoffrey Garfield could not contain himself (as seen in the above photos). EAA’s LAPD Civilian members cleaned up with a total of nine winners on the night. You can scroll through the gallery of winners below. Click the image to enlarge.

All proceeds from the 2019 EAA Holiday Party ticket sales benefitted the non-profit organizations EAA Outreach works with throughout the year:

Because this event sold out, EAA Outreach will be able to contribute $1,500 to each non-profit. To those of you who attended, know that your admission money did not go towards throwing a party. Those hard earned dollars went to organizations whose contributions to the City of Los Angeles make the world a better place. To those of you who were unable to attend, there’s always next year as well as the quasiquicentennial (125th) anniversary of EAA celebration in September. It’s a ways off but reason enough to keep tabs on emails from Team EAA (Update Your Contact Information). 

A fruitful and blessed 2019 to you all.

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