2019 EAA Elections – Application & Statement Forms

In order to properly conduct business in an organization as large as the Engineers & Architects Association, we need members to serve in all elective offices. This year, there is one(1) Unit Governor positions, one(1) At-Large Governor position, and six(6) Unit Council Member positions open for election.

In accordance with the Engineers & Architects Association Constitution and By-Laws, an election for Governors and Unit Council Members will begin on November 8, 2019 with ballots to be received at the Post Office by 8:00am. November 22, 2019.

Nomination petitions for members wishing to run for election to the positions listed on the fourth page will be accepted during the nomination period of September 24, 2019 through 5:00pm, October 8, 2019.

2019 EAA Elections

The Election Committee oversees and administers the election. Candidates seeking information regarding the policies and procedures should contact the EAA office in order to review the Election Procedures Manual.

Membership lists for the specific elective office will be supplied to qualified candidates, upon request. Detailed descriptions of the various positions and the duties of each position are provided below.

Candidates are encouraged, but not required to submit a Candidate Statement along with their petition for candidacy, which will be distributed with the ballot.

Questions from members and candidates should be referred to the Election Committee:

Robyn MyersChairEmail
ToMai NguyenMemberEmail
Kevin DavisMemberEmail

Any EAA voluntary dues-paying member in good standing may be nominated by petition for Unit Governor, At-Large Governor, or Unit Council Member. Petitions for At-Large Governor must be signed by ten (10) EAA voluntary dues-paying members in good standing. Petitions for Unit Governor or Unit Council Member positions must be signed by ten (10) EAA voluntary dues-paying members in good standing from that particular unit. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that the signatures submitted are those of voluntary dues-paying members in good standing.

In order to be eligible to run for elected office this election, all candidates names must appear as a voluntary dues-paying member in good standing on the last Controller’s pay list EAA receives prior to the October 8, 2019 cutoff date.

In order to be eligible to vote in this election, the member’s must appear as a voluntary dues-paying member in good standing on the Controller’s pay list that EAA receives prior to the October 8, 2019 cutoff date.


All candidates, including current office holders, who wish to run again for the position, must follow these procedures. A Nomination Petition and Candidate Statement are posted with this 2019 EAA Election Announcement (both available for download as .PDFs at bottom). A separate Election Petition must be submitted for each office. If an EAA member wishes to run for more than one position, the following restrictions apply:

  1. An EAA member, who files for both Unit Governor and Unit Council Member who wishes to run for more than one position and wins both, can only serve in one position.
  2. An EAA member, who files for both At-Large Governor and Unit Council Member positions and wins both, may serve in both positions.

All Election Petitions and Candidate Statements must be received at the EAA office no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 8, 2019. Upon verification of the signatures on the Election Petition, the Election Committee will notify the candidates of their eligibility to run for the position.

EAA members, who qualify, are urged to consider serving the Union or to encourage another member who has the required qualifications to serve the Union. (See position descriptions below for information regarding qualifications and positions duties).

Successful candidates for all open positions are voluntary dues-paying members in good standing of an EAA represented Unit. He or she is elected for a three (3) year term or less if the position were vacated.

EAA Board of Governor Member

A Governor is responsible for the governance of the Union’s Business, fiscal affairs, and for determining Union policy. A Governor is required to attend two (2) after-work evening meetings a month and to attend special Union meetings and functions. It is recommended that anyone applying for these positions be an experienced EAA member, who has previously served a minimum of two (2) years as a Unit Council Member and/or as a Union Steward.

Unit Governors are the governing leaders of their respective Bargaining Unit (MOU) and Chairperson of their respective Unit Councils. They are responsible for the Unit functions and are the direct liaison between the Unit and the Board of Governors.

At-Large Governors are elected by all voluntary dues-paying members. At-Large Governors do not head up a specific Bargaining Unit but may be elected to a Unit Council.

EAA Unit Council Member

The Unit Council is the policy-making group for the communication between the membership, the Governor, and EAA staff. It is recommended that anyone applying for these positions have previous experience as a Union Steward or as a special Ad Hoc Committee member.

EAA Unit Council Members are responsible for:

  1. Assisting Unit Governor and staff in determining disposition of issues affecting the Unit;
  2. Gathering and compiling data on issues;
  3. Receiving, negotiation proposals, and offering changes from information gathered;
  4. Serving on committee as appointed; and
  5. Determining policies and procedures for the Unit.

Unit Council members may also participate in collecting bargaining sessions, at the discretion of their Unit Governor.

Positions Up For 2019 Election All Terms Expire December 31, 2022
Unit Current Office Holder 
At-LargeSaturday Aisuan
MOU 20Yul Johnson
Unit CouncilPosition Available:
MOU 13 Positions
MOU 192 Positions
MOU 211 Position

The EAA Election Committee will consider any questions or disputes regarding the EAA Election Petitions in a timely manner. Any challenges to the election results must be received at the EAA office in writing no later than 12:00pm on December 6, 2019.

Timeline Summary

09/24/19  –  Candidate application process begins – applications available on-line.
10/08/19  –  Last day to submit candidate applications – no later than 5:00pm.
11/08/19 – Ballots are mailed to EAA Dues Paying Members only.
11/22/19  – Ballots are counted –ballots must be in post box at time of pick-up to be counted.
12/06/19 – Protests to the election results must be received in the EAA Offices by 12 pm.

For more information regarding EAA’s electoral process i.e. nominations and balloting, please contact the EAA Front Desk at 213-620-6920. a

2019 EAA Elections Application Form

Download the Application Form HERE.

2019 EAA Elections Candidate Statement Form (Optional)

Download the Statement Form HERE.

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