2018 EAA College Scholarship Program Guidelines


The 2019 EAA College Scholarship Program provides financial support to senior high school students, who will enroll into an accredited community college or university; and college students, who are in their first year of college pursuing a degree.

The Scholarship Committee has approved the funds for the annual scholarship program during the March 6, 2019 Board of Governors (BoG) meeting. The scholarship program offers five (5) scholarships, each with a value of $4,000. 

Only children, grandchildren, stepchildren, and step grandchildren of an EAA voluntary dues-paying members in good standing may apply.

Immediate family members of EAA agency fee-paying members and previous recipients of EAA scholarship awards do NOT qualify for EAA College Scholarships.


To download the 2019 EAA College Scholarship Guidelines CLICK HERE and EAA Scholarship Application CLICK HERE (Coming Soon).

EAA Scholarship Program Application Guidelines

The objective of the EAA Scholarship Program is to provide financial support to senior high school students who intend to enroll in an accredited community college or university and to college students who are in their first year of college or university study and who have the intention of pursuing a degree and to become productive members of society.

The Scholarship Committee shall make a motion for the approval of the funds for the annual scholarship program at the March Board of Governors (BOG) meeting. The EAA Scholarship Program shall offer five (5) scholarships each with a value of $4,000.

Only children, grandchildren, stepchildren and step grandchildren of EAA Voluntary Dues-paying members in good standing may apply. Candidates shall be (a) senior high school student who will be attending an accredited community or college or university, or (b) college or university students in the first year of study who intend to pursue a degree.

  • Immediate family members of EAA Agency Fee-paying members do NOT qualify for EAA scholarships.
  • Immediate family members of Governors that are serving on the BOG during the calendar year that the scholarships are approved and awarded.
  • Previous recipients of the EAA scholarship awards.

Candidates must:

  • Be a child, grandchild, stepchild or step grandchild of an EAA voluntary dues paying member in good standing.
  • Be (1) a senior high school student who will be enrolling in an accredited community college or four year university (2) or a first year student enrolled in an accredited college or university who intends to continue his/her studies.
  • Have a minimum-weighted G.P.A of 2.5.
  • Submittal of all paper work and essay required by the Scholarship Program applications.
  • At the start of April, the Scholarship Program will be advertised on the EAA website and announced in the monthly Stewards meeting.
  • All applications, along with completed documentation for the annual scholarship program, shall be submitted to the EAA Office by the close of the business of the last Friday in the month of April.
  • EAA staff shall screen the applications to verify that the applicants are immediate family members of voluntary dues paying members.
  • EAA staff shall make a copy of the applications and remove names of applicants on the copied version.
  • The copied version of the applications shall be scanned and emailed to each member on the Scholarship Committee for review by the first Wednesday in the month of May.
  • Applications that are sub submitted by agency fee paying members shall be informed in writing by EAA staff that they are not eligible, the reason and an authorization for pay payroll deduction form if they chose to become a voluntary dues paying member.
  • Scholarship committee shall review the scanned applications.
  • A Scholarship Committee meeting will be held after each committee member has reviewed the applications.
  • The scholarship committee will make a motion with a recommendation to go on the Board of Governors meeting agenda. The scanned applications (without the names) shall be emailed to each governor prior to the BOG meeting for their review.
  • The scholarship awardees shall be notified in writing. The notification shall also inform the awardees that they MUST be present at the award ceremony, held during the Board of Governors meeting, to be awarded their scholarship check. Failure to attend results in the relinquishment of the scholarship. 
  • If a recipient cannot be present at the Board of Governors meeting, it shall be decided on a case by case basis if the scholarship will be presented at a later date or if the recipient should be disqualified.
  • If the recipient is disqualified the scholarship may be presented to the next highest-ranking applicant.

A qualified student shall submit the following:

  • An essay that tells about his/herself, talks about their leadership/group contributions; explains what they have done to make their community a better place to live and articulates the goals they have established for themselves and the effort to accomplish them. As well as, why they should be awarded the scholarship.
  • The essay must be double-spaced.
  • For High school students, a copy of the 11th grade transcript and a copy of the latest available 12th grade transcript.
  • High School students must provide evidence that they will be attending a community college, state college or university.

    Note: Any student that does not provide evidence that they will be attending community college, state college, or university shall not be a qualified applicant (see Section 8, subsection E).
  • First year college applicants must provide their latest available quarter or semester grades and a copy of their 12th grade transcripts.

(Only one of the below needs to apply for the student to be disqualified.)

  • The student is not sponsored by an EAA voluntary dues paying member; or
  • The student is sponsored by an EAA voluntary dues paying member who has been disciplined by the EAA Board of Governors before or during the calendar year when the scholarship is awarded; or
  • The student is an immediate family member of a governor who holds the position of governor any time during the calendar year when the scholarship is awarded; or
  • The student fails to provide by the deadline stipulated on the application;
  • The student does not comply with Section No. 7 above; or
  • Fraudulent, inaccurate or misleading information is included with the application; or
  • The applicant belongs to a family, which a member has already been awarded a scholarship through the EAA Scholarship Program.
  • The applicant does not have a minimum GPA of at least 2.5 or higher.


NOTE:  Although all the children in a family (as defined by the term “immediate family” in the Family Illness Article of EAA MOU’s) may apply, only one scholarship per family may be awarded. An exception may be made in the case of EAA voluntary dues paying members, who are recently divorced or separated and who present a copy of a legal document confirming their recent change of marital status/custody arrangement.

A. Verification that the applicant is eligible under Sections: 3, 4 and 5 of the Guidelines.
B. Verification that none of the items under Guideline Section No. 8 apply.
C. Verification that all the required documentation under Guideline Section No. 7 has been presented.
D. Each scholarship committee member, will use her/his personal judgment to rank the candidates on the scoring spreadsheet provided from 1-5 (5 being the highest), with consideration to the six criteria below:

I.   Essay Content
II.  Essay Quality
III. Whether Candidate Followed Instructions:
          a. Double-spaced
          b. Transcripts
IV. Whether Essay Includes:
          a. Goals
          b. Leadership
          c. Community service involvement
          d. Why candidate deserves the award
V.  Proof of Attending College
VI. G.P.A.

  • EAA staff will provide each scholarship committee member an anonymous copy of all applicant essays and transcripts.
  • The applicants and their essays will be scored using the scoring spreadsheet on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the highest). (See Section 9, subsection D for ranking criteria).
  • When every committee member has had a chance to score the applicants and their essays, the Scholarship committee will meet to choose the scholarship winners.
  • To do so, all the committee members’ scores will be combined and averaged, per each applicant.
  • The average scores will be ranked from highest to lowest.
  • The highest-ranking applicants will be awarded the scholarships.
  • If there is a ties for the award, only the tied applicants will be evaluated and ranked again (using the same voting procedure as the first round). If there is a tie in the second round, a lottery will be conducted to select the winner.

EAA Scholarship Program Application

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