2018 EAA Board Committees

In accordance with EAA's Constitution and By-Laws, there are several levels of elected representatives, each with defined responsibilities. The Board of Governors is composed of one elected member employed in each of the MOUs represented by EAA and a number of "at-large" members dependent on the membership total. The Board is tasked with financial and policy setting responsibility.

Membership Committee
Mark Santistevan (Chairperson)
John Garner
Donald Jojola
Jill Woo
Victor Cendana

Outreach Committee
Saturday Aisuan (Chairperson)
Mark Santistevan
Jack Kayajian
Robyn Myers
Julia Cesena

Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Gonzalo Barriga (Chairperson)
Larry Day
Howard Wong
Victoria Lira
Jack Kayajian

Election Committee
Yul Johnson (Chairperson)
Kevin Davis
ToMai Nguyen
Hope Shaffer

Finance Committee
John Dierking (Chairperson)
Yul Johnson
ToMai Nguyen
Terry Newman
Joan Washington

Scholarship Committee
Larry Day (Chairperson)
Victoria Lira
Marc Wagner
Diana Galaviz

Holiday Party Committee
Gonzalo Barriga (Chairperson)
Yul Johnson
ToMai Nguyen
Edward Moreno
Kenneth Browne

Stewards Coordinator
Marleen Fonseca

Ad-Hoc Building Committee
Saturday Aisuan (Chairperson)
John Dierking
Mark Santistevan
Gonzalo Barriga (Ex Officio)

EAA represents approximately 5,100 employees in the City of Los Angeles and is the longest standing City union. EAA has represented City employees continuously since it was established in 1894.